Photo Credit: Barbara Neubert

Photo Credit: Barbara Neubert

Writing About Food immerses itself in the experiences of a Portlander who has been relocated in sunny Southern California. It acts as a center for observations about the differences between Portland, OR and Southern California as the Portlander discovers a new way of thinking and writing about food.

Katie is a student at Chapman University in Orange, CA. She spends her time throwing banana peels in bushes and discovering new food. Even though she enjoys her pursuit of trying acai bowls, big cupcake brands and a wide variety of Mexican food, she will always find comfort in the food carts back in Portland.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. With each new post your writing abilities grew. From beginning to end, the writing definitely flows in a sequential story line. Your “About Page” in particularly stood out to me because you incorporated the fun fact that you like throwing banana peels into bush. However, elaborate more on what you plan to write about in your blog as it was tough for me to identify the exact audience you were targeting. Possibly people who move to a new area and have to adapt to a new way of eating?
    Great job at interweaving different aspects of your personality throughout your writings! However, be careful which words you hyperlink in your essays. In particularly, in Saturday Nights-A Family Story, you hyperlinked words such as traveling which left me a bit confused. I thought the link would give me the definition of traveling, but instead gave me the story about why Americans don’t travel. So, be careful how you hyperlink.
    I especially liked how you were very explicit in your writing detailing for example, how the reader can compost. In addition, great use of rhetorical questions throughout your writing to help strengthen your stance on issues. Finally, I loved how you integrated a variety of facts such as cupcakes and Sex in the City. Your stories created tension and left the reader wanting more. Overall, fabulous job!

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