A Foodie’s Feat Was Here: Food Carts

In the dark night, I smell warmth.

Twinkling lights glitter above as I step to the window.

Lists I don’t understand, something that’s new. My heart races.

A wild card, I choose. Let’s hope these recommendations were right.

I pay. I wait. Names are called. I wait.

Names constantly called close by. Still I wait.

Anxiety. Will my name be called?

My turn. I run to the window. Warmth in one hand, controlling the spillage. The other, a small container filled with something new.

Not unknown, just new.

Open the container, hesitantly taste. Wait a moment. Decide.

It melts in my mouth. This mixture I would have never guessed overwhelms my senses as I can see, smell and taste the richness. Mhhhm I want more.

So simple, I dip the warm, fried potatoes into the mixture. Even more magic develops in my mouth. The perfect complement. Warmth and richness, full of flavor and temptation. I cannot stop myself. I eat.

At the bottom, I scrape. This can’t be it, no there must be more. I enjoy the burnt crisps as much as the rest. Lick my fingers. It’s all gone.

French fries and pesto mayo dip. Potato Champion earns it’s name.

What else is here? Discovery.

A variety of the unknown that I have knowingly stepped into. Excitement. I want it. My pocket is empty and my stomach full. Distressed, I can’t have it all. But the carts will stay.

I must come back tomorrow, in the darkness, for more.


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